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HighteaCBD Cannabis Vape FAQ

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Here are the answers to some of your FAQs about our Vape Products

What is the difference between Weed Disposable vapes and Pod systems (Battery & prefilled cartridges)

Disposable vapes are pre-charged & work until they run out of oil. If unused for a while they might need recharging using a USB cable (not supplied)

The Pod system consists of 2 parts which are sold separately

1. A Rechargeable Battery

2. Pre Filled cartridges

Note: Store vapes in an upright position to avoid clogging

What vape do you recommend?

This is extremely difficult to answer as everyone has different requirements, tolerances, and tastes, some use it recreationally and others for the medicinal benefits. All of our vapes are Hybrids, meaning they are specially blended for certain effects. The percentages range from 100% sativa or 100% indica to various blends of both giving you a Sativa Dominant strain or Indica dominant ) We have in-depth information on each of the strains we offer.

The main thing to remember is if you want to be energized a Sativa dominant hybrid is the way to go, if you want to be calm, sleep, chill go for one of the Indica dominant stains. Cookie Boss range (Disposable) ( Runtz Vape (Disposable) Our site has detailed descriptions of each vape including strain, strength, flavour & effect. Cartridges for Pod Vapes (Used with a rechargeable battery)

How many puffs could one expect out of a vape?

On average there should be 300 to 400 puffs per cartridge, depending on your heat setting and how hard you pull for each puff. Some heavy smokers have been known to finish a vape in a day! So it's entirely up to you

Where can I find more information on your vapes?

Please may I have more information on the process, specifications and certifications of your Product certificates available on request?

Each vape contains 1000ml, 96.5% Distillate Terpene Enhanced Pharmaceutical grade and tested NON-GMO Organic Pesticide free Approx. 300-400 puffs - depending on how deeply you inhale and the heat setting chosen.

Directions to activate disposable vapes

One strong pull will activate the device. Recharging might be required if the vape has not

been used for a while. Always Store in an upright position to avoid the oil clogging

How do I use the Vape BATTERY?

How do I turn the Red Eye Battery on and off?


Press the button rapidly 5 times to turn on. A red light will start flashing and the battery is

now activated. Choose the strength of power then push and hold the button as you inhale.

To turn off rapidly click the button 5 times.

Can I change the RED EYE 510 Thread battery settings?

YES, Our Red Eye battery has 3 heat settings

Green - 2.7V (light pull)

Blue - 3.4V (Medium pull)

Red - 4.2V (Strong pull)

410 Thread Battery and loose cartridge option

Rechargeable batteries are sold separately and are compatible with any 410-thread battery cartridge. The battery has 3 heat settings.

How to Unblock Cannabis Vapes

Sometimes the oil thickens and needs a bit of heat. Use a hair dryer to heat up the cartridge for about 30 seconds. Breathe and blow through the mouthpiece and use a paperclip to scrape out any oil deposit if any. You can also hold it tightly in the palm of your hand to warm it. Always store vapes in an upright position.

Would you recommend the Disposable Weed Pen or Pod Vape Pen?

Both are great options and discreet to smoke. You are going to enjoy these babies so much that you will probably work your way through the entire selection!

Prefilled loose Cartridges

Cartridges are made with Quartz Glass and have a ceramic coil to heat the oil.

They are all hybrids so choose the one that suits your requirements

Which movies are best to watch while stoned?

25 Essential Stoner Movies, Ranked by Tomatometer

What are the effects of Indica?

Indica also known as “in-da-couch”

Indica Effects: Pure relaxation, calm and possibly “couch-locked”

Indica is great for relaxation and healing It is a popular choice for unwinding, hitting the

couch, hanging out with friends playing computer games, or binge-watching your favs movies.

Which Weed vape should I choose for energy?

Choose a Sativa dominant strain helps with energy and creativity

Which vape should I choose for chilling and sleeping?

Choose an Indica dominant strain

What are your most potent vapes?

How will I feel if I get too stoned?

Too much of it could have a paranoid effect, thinking the cops are at your door so you hide in the cupboard!

What to do if you have a cannabis overdose?

Cannabis itself is NOT going to harm you, don’t panic! This miserable experience could last for a few hours.

Here are a few ideas to get through this:

  1. If you have CBD oil, have a few drops or have some of our yummy CBD gummies on hand they should calm the THC-induced anxiety you are experiencing.

  2. Chew on a few black peppercorns.

  3. Move to another room, change the environment or

  4. Get some fresh air.

  5. Turn down loud music and put on something calming.

  6. Play a TV game, watch a movie.

You will survive to see another day!

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Love the HighteaCBD Team


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