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Cookie Boss Vape Pen Flavours

Cookie Boss Vape Pen is a beautifully designed Premium Ceramic Disposable THC Vape Pen.

  • Cookie BOSS contains a pure cannabinoid distillate with added terpenes to create 12 unique proprietary flavours to suit any occasion

  • 1ml-1000mg disposable vape, no fuss with batteries, pull and away you go

  • 400-600 Pulls

  • Our full ceramic heating technology gives you smooth and consistent hits throughout your vapes life

  • The pen comes fully pre-charged, but in the odd eventuality that the battery runs out there is a type-B charging connection located on the bottom of the pen

  • Our device's sleek and discreet design ensures the anonymity of use no matter where you are.

  • Great for taking off the edge (Micro Dosing)

  • Cookie Boss isn't a cart, it's a full disposable vape pen. Without any added PG, VG or any oils just pure cannabinoids. We pride ourselves on a very high-end smoking experience.

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