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About HighTeaCBD

Finding Inspiration in Nature.

At Hightea CBD, nothing matters more to us than the well-being of our customers. Our first customers were us, our family, our pets, and our friends. To this day our family and friends remain our biggest customers, we know firsthand the difference our products can make.

To hear how our products have changed lives is what inspires us.

HighTea CBD's vision is to create only the highest quality Cannabis and CBD Products. Each product is hand-crafted with love and checked for consistency.

We combine our love of Nature with our love of baking, cooking, and crafting to create beautiful, tasty products than could make a difference in your life.

HighteaCBD Cannabis South Africa

HighTeaCBD is a proud affiliate of Fields of Green.

Fields of Green Cannabis

Our Story

Coming soon.

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