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Cookie Boss, Premium THC Disposable Vape Pen

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

The product you have been waiting for! Cookie Boss is a beautifully designed Premium ceramic THC disposable vape Pen. Which truly offers a high-end smoking experience.

Key Points

  • 400 Puffs (1ml THC Distilate)

  • Pre-Charged

  • Ceramic Coil

  • Discrete, No Smell/ Vapour/Smoke

  • Perfect for Micro Dosing and Taking off the edge

  • 10 Unique Flavours and Effects

  • Sophisticated look, feel and design

  • Small and Light weight

Vape Pens Ceramic vs Quartz Coils?

Ceramic coils are rapidly becoming the standard for quality in vape pen technology. Although they take more time to heat than quartz coils, they have superior heat retention. This means less wear on the battery and a consistent vapour delivery.

Cookies disposable vape pen flavours

THC Vape Flavours

Lemoncello: (Orange)

Effects: Giggly, happy, talkative

Flavour: Lemon, citrus, lime

Juicy Fruits: (Silver)

Effects: Energetic, happy, uplifting

Flavour: Tropical, sweet, plum

Lime Sorbet: (Green)

Effects: Uplifted, relaxed, euphoric

Flavour: Lime, citrus, skunk

SkyWalker OG: (Yellow)

Effects: Relaxed, chatty, social

Flavour: Spicy, pepper, diesel

Zkittles: (White)

Effects: Focused, relaxed, social

Flavour: Grape, berry, lemon

Animal Cookies: (Black)

Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, hungry

Flavour: Sweet, pungent, Vanilla

Rainbow Sherbet: (Navy)

Effects: Aroused, giggly, relaxed

Flavour: Chemical, nutty, tree fruit

Grand Daddy Purple: (Purple)

Effects: Sleepy, hungry, relaxed

Flavour: Grape, berry, plum

Girl Scout Cookies: (Pink)

Effects: Hungry, giggly, happy

Flavour: Mint, sweet, vanilla

Gushers: (Red)

Effects: Tingley, relaxed, euphoric

Flavour: Tropical, sweet, apple

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