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What happens when CBD teams up with THC?

The Gift of Medicinal Herbs

We may not all agree about how, why, or when the universe was created, but I am sure if you are reading this article, you are interested in the topic or have ingested cannabis in some form or other. Cannabis is 100% natural and has been used since time immemorial for medicinal and recreational purposes.

CBD and THC dominant plants

The Cannabaceae or hemp family has roughly 170 species of flowering plants all containing both CBD and THC compounds, each variant offering unique healing properties. Some strains have a relaxing effect (Indica) while others (Sativa) have an energizing effect.

CBD-dominant plants have low amounts of THC compounds and THC-dominant plants have low CBD

The benefits of blending CBD and THC strains

CBD works on deep muscle pain, spasms, and spasticity associated with MS, mild neuropathic pain, tremors, epileptic seizures, anxiety, glaucoma, migraines, and sleep. It also reduces blood pressure, nausea, and inflammation, and is used to prevent relapses in drug and alcohol addictions.

CBD also calms the psychoactive “high” effects associated with THC up until a ratio of 1:1 bend

THC is best for treating cancer patients, chronic pain, nausea, migraines, appetite, muscle spasticity, glaucoma, and anxiety

What Ratio of CBD to THC do you need?

As an example: I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis so I use a 1000mg 1:1 blend to control muscle spasms, and neuropathic pain. The CBD relaxes my muscles and the THC aids with the pain. There is no “high’ effect and I am able to work as normal.

My dose: Depending on the pain level, I use 1ml (a full dropper) 3 to 4 times a day or as required. It has been life-changing. If you don’t like the taste you can put it over meals or squirt it down the back of the throat and have a drink of water.

This will have a “high effect” so go slow and increase only if required. You should not drive if you are on a THC-dominant blend. CBD dominant blends are unlikely to have a psychoactive effect as the CBD counteracts the THC “high”.

Blending has proven far more effective when treating specific conditions as listed below on the chart. Any ratio over a 1:1 blend will have a psychoactive effect. Always start on a low dose and slowly increase until you can feel and see the results.

The dominant blend is always listed first. (CBD: THC 20:1)

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