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Hightea South Africa THC Edibles (A guide to Weed)

Edibles are a super tasty, discrete, convenient way of consuming cannabis. They work in the same way as taking the drops under the tongue would.

Note: We are not offering medical advice, for that please consult your doctor. We are however sharing our opinion from personal experience.

Edibles Near Me?

Our Online store delivers throughout South Africa, including Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg.

Find our full list of edibles. Here!

How long does it take for edibles to kick in?

The compounds enter the bloodstream via the liver, so onset can take anything from 30 to 90 minutes to have an effect. It is important to remember everyone has a different metabolism, so always start low and go slow, only increase the dose after 1 hour if required.

Our edible doses are specially formulated to ensure the strength and your experience are the same every time you enjoy our product!

Edibles meaning:

An edible is generally a sweet or baked good that is infused with THC or CBD oil (Cannabis) The effects of ingesting cannabis versus smoking it is similar. Generally smoking cannabis has an immediate high effect whereas an edible takes longer to take effect. Smoking vs Edibles comes down to personal preference.

How to take edibles for beginners?

As with everything you haven't tried. Start slow, be in a safe place that you feel comfortable preferably around someone you feel safe with that has tried edibles before.

A good starting dose is 2.5mg-10mg of THC.

What are the different THC Edible doses?

Please note: Everybody processes cannabis differently and this is only a guideline. You take full responsibility for the cannabis you consume at one time.

  • Microdose - 1 to 5mg

  • Standard dose - 5 to 10mg

  • High dose - 10 to 20mg

  • Seasoned User - 20 to 60mg

  • Heroic (not recommended) - 60 to 100mg

Micro dosing edibles

Micro dosing is the use of small doses (normally a tenth to a twentieth of the recommended daily amount). It should not have a psychotic “high” effect, if it does, you need to adjust the dose according to your tolerance level by decreasing the amount by half to a quarter, so you can continue to function during the day. They are also great for first-time users.

Why Micro Dose?

Micro dosing has become an extremely trendy practice and has proven to be extremely beneficial for health-related problems, such as stress, sleep, controlling pain, etc. The great thing about micro-dosing is you can take them during the daytime, even at work. They are great for anxiety; they can increase focus and enhance creativity.

Many of my clients use gummies for sleep problems, simply take 1 before bedtime.

Only you can find your “sweet spot” so try until you are happy with the effects.

Rather take less than more when first starting. Taking higher doses will give you a “high” so are not suitable for daytime consumption during the day if you are at work.

A Standard Edible dose (5 to 10mg)

Can be used to treat mild pain, illnesses, and epileptic seizures and is also used for recreational purposes rather than smoking cannabis.

High Edible Dose (10 to 20mg)

May alter coordination, alter perception and cause a euphoric state of mind. The dose is popular with people suffering from persistent pain, restless sleep, and recreation use.

Seasoned User Edible Dose (20 to 30mg)

A very strong euphoria effect and will alter coordination and perception.

New consumers may have a negative experience with this high dose.

Heroic THC Edible Dose (30 to 100mg)

This extremely high dose will seriously impair coordination and perception.

It could cause nausea and increased heart rate. These doses should only be taken by experienced, high tolerance users. They can be used for medicinal purposes for people suffering from cancer, or inflammatory disorders and patients who necessitate higher doses

Some people with high tolerance are known to take up to 100mg but this is certainly not recommended.

Buying Edibles in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

*Beware of buying edibles from people or places that don’t display the exact dose as this could have adverse effects if too high for your tolerance level and can cause unease, hallucinations, heart palpitations, anxiety, extreme paranoia, and shaking. Should this ever happen to you don’t panic cannabis is not fatal if you overdose. If you overdosed by inhalation your bad experience won’t last as long as an edible, which could be several hours.

In the case that this ever happens to you, here are a few ways that could help you through the experience.

Recovering from edibles.

  • Take some CBD if you have (This will reduce the high experience)

  • Eat some crushed black pepper

  • Change your environment, go for a walk, get some fresh air, turn down loud music and focus on something you like doing (video game, relaxing music, or a movie)

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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