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Runtz OG THC Disposable Pen

Runtz OG Disposable THC Vape Pen (Hybrid))

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  • Runtz OG Disposable Indica THC Vape Pen. (1000mg)

    Also known as Pink Cookies

    This strain is a compelling twist on the classic Runtz, which is itself a blend of Zkittlez and Gelato

    • THC levels 19% to 29%

    Runtz OG Aroma & Taste 

    • creamy vanilla frosting, complemented by a hint of tangy fruitiness.

    Origin: Introducing Runtz OG, a cherished gem in the world of cannabis. This strain is a compelling twist on the classic Runtz, which is itself a blend of Zkittlez and Gelato. Carrying a legacy of premium lineage and honed to perfection, Runtz OG is an embodiment of age-old tradition meeting contemporary quality.

    Flavour and Taste: Drawing inspiration from the decadent flavors of Wedding Cake, the Runtz OG THC Disposable Vape Pen offers an enthralling experience for your palate. Dive into the rich taste of creamy vanilla frosting, complemented by a hint of tangy fruitiness. Each draw encapsulates the luxurious essence of a finely baked dessert, with the added depth of earthy undertones unique to the OG lineage.


    • Euphoric Lift: Embark on an uplifting journey that brightens the mood.
    • Deep Relaxation: Let go of life's stresses as a calming serenity takes over.
    • Mental Clarity: Navigate your tasks with renewed focus and a clear mind.
    • Bodily Resonance: Experience a comforting sensation that radiates throughout.
    • Enhanced Creativity: Unlock your artistic potential and let ideas flow.

    Other Info 

    • 1000mg chamber will give you around 400 solid puffs
    • Great Potency 
    • No batteries, no charging, easy to use just pull and away you go.
    • Discrete, No 'Smoke' or smell
    • Perfect for Keeping in your pocket 
    • This isn't a cart, it's a full disposable vape pen. 

    Why People Love It: Runtz OG stands as a testament to the evolution of cannabis. Its balanced profile offers both a flavorful treat and a potent effect, making it a beloved choice for both seasoned aficionados and newcomers. Whether you're in a contemplative mood or seeking a social spark, Runtz OG promises a versatile and memorable session.

    Designed for the Discerning: The Runtz OG THC Disposable Vape Pen is crafted for those who seek simplicity without compromising on quality. Its sleek design ensures discretion, while its user-friendly nature promises a premium experience every time, with zero fuss.

    The HighTeaCBD Assurance: Being at the forefront of South Africa's Cannabis THC Vape scene, HighTeaCBD is committed to curating unparalleled experiences. Our selection isn't just about products; it's about crafting moments. With the Runtz OG vape pen, you're choosing a journey steeped in legacy and refined for the modern era.

    Note: Always use cannabis with discretion and responsibility. Individual experiences can vary based on factors like tolerance and dosage. Stay informed of local laws and regulations.

    The compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, and the long-lasting battery ensures multiple sessions per pen. Perfect for on-the-go enjoyment, the Wedding Cake Runtz Disposable Vape Pen is a must-have for any vape enthusiast. Contains Delta 8

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